Getting Started with MysticMatch

The cosmos knows things MysticMatch makes it really easy to see if you're compatible with others. It uses their name and birthday to discover the traits imbued in them by the mystical Cosmos. This article will walk you through entering your details to get your reading and making your first match.

We'll follow a special user, Titula Butterman, get started with MysticMatch once she has installed it from the Apple App Store. You'll do something similar when you install it, just with your name instead of Titula's. And you'll match your friends, not Titula's.

The first time she loads MysticMatch, she'll be asked to enter her name and birthday, and optionally, add a photo of herself. The Cosmos encourages everyone to add a picture of themselves: everything looks better with smiling, beautiful faces, especially screenshots. The Cosmos also wants to point out that she should put her entire name given to her by her parents for the most accurate reading.

After she has filled out her information and presses back, she will get to see her reading. We won't pry into her reading, but you will be able to read up on Titula yourself, once you download the app. Now that she is satisfied with her reading, it's time to start matching!

With her information all entered, we go back to the home screen and click the Add button in the top right corner. Titula has had her eye on an especially hunky man, Wiley Kingsberry, a friend of hers from bowling night. She's going to see if he is a good match for her. Putting in his information is much like putting in her own information. The only difference is that she can import the information from her Contacts or from Facebook. She will just enter it manually, since she has his information memorized. And has a great picture of him.

All the information is in! She taps Done in the top right. That screen closes and a moment later, she sees the match screen. They're compatible! She reads what it says about their match. She's a little curious about Wiley's whole reading. She taps the button at the bottom of the match. From here, she reads his whole reading.

We'll leave Titula with the great news. As you can see it's really easy to get started with MysticMatch. But that's not all you can do with it. Your reading can, in part, be shared on Facebook or Twitter. What MysticMatch does is take a look at your reading and summarizes it with an irreverent take on the qualities represented by that number. It's all in good fun, as is all of MysticMatch.

MysticMatch is for entertainment purposes only. Do not read too much into what it says. We are not responsible for any break-ups. We take full credit for new relationships, though.